Why BAC vs Other Carbon Shafts?

Don't Be Fooled...Not All Carbon Fiber Driveshafts are the Same!


We May Not Produce the Cheapest Shaft, but It Is the Best!

We specialize in carbon fiber driveshafts!  We are not a driveshaft fabricator that buys a generic carbon tube and glues yoke ends into it.  We are an engineering driven composite design and manufacturing company.  We have complete engineering, manufacturing, and testing capabilities to take any shaft design program from concept through verification testing and final production implementation.  We manufacture our carbon fiber shafts in-house from the raw carbon fiber to the finished assembly.  Our joint design is a unique/proprietary combination of geometry, material selection and manufacturing process methods.  This has resulted in a structure that has had zero field failures over a wide variety of shaft types and over multiple years of production.  We use the highest strength, most expensive carbon fiber strands available in all of our engineered driveshaft designs.  The fiber we use is 33% stronger than typical, commonly-used carbon fiber.  We also use the highest strength, most expensive aluminum alloy in our yoke ends.  We do not machine our yoke ends from 6061-T6, which is a lower strength alloy.  All of our engineered driveshafts are designed and fabricated from the ground up.  The final result is the lightest, strongest and highest RPM capability shafts.  In many cases, our final shaft weights are multiple pounds lighter than the shafts of our competition.  In other words, just because it is a carbon fiber shaft doesn't mean it is better or lighter than a metal driveshaft.

F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How much does your shaft weigh?

2. What is the ultimate torsional strength of your shaft?

3. What is the RPM capability of your shaft?

We have the answers for every one of these questions on all of our designs.  If the competition (either metal or composite) doesn't have these answers, then they either don't know (shafts not tested or not engineered) or their shaft just isn't any good (not a high performance shaft).

Not only do we have these answers for our potential customers, we guarantee that we exceed all other shafts in each criteria.