Kart Axles - 222 Carbonator



The BAC 222 Carbonator is a revolution in kart axle design.  It is a custom aerospace-grade aluminum axle with an ultra-high strength carbon fiber composite stiffener fused to the inside.

The composite stiffener is completely encapsulated in the aluminum shell so fellow racers and/or prying eyes will never know.


U.S. Patented Design

The BAC 222 Carbonator Axle design utilizes the highest strength carbon fiber material. The axles are fabricated via a filament winding machine (not hand-rolled carbon fabric).  This results in the highest strength/lightest weight axle possible.  The BAC 222 Carbonator Axle is a homogeneous shaft that has no key way cuts or snap ring grooves cut into the carbon fiber.  Keyways are provided in an integral aircraft aluminum alloy shell which is pressed and bonded (fused) over the entire outside diameter of the carbon fiber composite stiffener core.  Therefore, even if an impact load exceeded the ultimate bending strength of the axle assembly, the carbon fiber would never fracture, splinter, or break off. 


The BAC 222 Carbonator Axle fits all Phantom and Ultramax Chassis types.


Reduced Wheel Hop - One Axle Is All You Need!

No need for multiple axles (different wall thicknesses) to get rid of wheel hop...the BAC 222 Carbonator Axle is all you need!  Our axles virtually eliminate wheel hop due to the inherent vibration dampening characteristics of the composite core (built-in “shock absorber”) .  Customers have verified, our axles smooth out the rough parts of the race track where as steel axles amplify the ruts.  Smoother is faster....! 

Increased Kart Acceleration

The BAC 222 Carbonator Axle is the lightest axle ever produced at 1.45 lbs!  This amazing decrease in rotational mass allows for a greater acceleration rate of the kart down the straight -a-ways.



Greater Value

Although the BAC 222 Carbonator Axle is initially more expensive than conventional steel axles, it will outlast several axles throughout a racing season...saving you money and dramatically reducing maintenance hours replacing bent axles.


Stronger Than Titanium!

Although the BAC 222 Carbonator Axle is the lightest axle ever produced, it is also the strongest axle ever produced (ref. Ultimate Load/Deflection Chart).  The superior strength is due to an optimized laminate construction of carbon fiber/epoxy of which the majority of the fibers are oriented along the X-axis of the tube.  It is not “cosmetic carbon fiber fabric.” This is commonly used in body panels and works well in that application, however, it has half the strength as the BAC 222 Carbonator Axle stiffener due to the type of carbon fiber and the fiber angles.  Be aware of inferior, weak imitation axles using the cosmetic carbon fiber fabric as a stiffener.