The BAC staff has over 31 years of composite design and manufacturing experience with (4) U.S. Patents.  BAC has a vast knowledge base of a variety of composite materials including all types of carbon fiber, aramid and glass-reinforced fibers in a variety of tough epoxy matrices.  We specialize in going from concept to finished assembly to meet our customers' needs.


The material property bar charts show that unidirectional composite materials have (3) three to (7) seven times the strength of common popular metals.  Yet, these same composite materials have only a fraction of the weight.  Based on the strength and stiffness requirements of your particular part needs, fiber materials and angles of orientation can be selected to accomplish extremely strong, ultra-lightweight parts.

*All tensile strengths are based on minimum design properties
**Composite tensile strengths are based on unidirectional laminate properties


*Composite unidirectional properties (67% fiber volume)