Custom D.O.T. Composite High Pressure Cylinders


BAC is an approved and registered pressure vessel manufacturer with the U.S. Department of Transportation (D.O.T.). Our Registration Number is M5324. Our vast knowledge of a variety of composite materials allows us to design and fabricate pressure vessels with aluminum liners and a variety of composite material overwraps (in an epoxy resin) including:

  •    fiberglass

  •    aramid (Kevlar®)

  •    carbon fiber

In addition, we offer high pressure designs using thermoplastic liner materials and other super alloys.


Why BAC Composite D.O.T. Cylinders?


BAC's engineering staff has over 27 years of design, analysis, testing and manufacturing experience of all types of composite pressure vessels in compliance with D.O.T. specifications.


2. CUTTING EDGE - We Set the Standard in D.O.T. Composite Cylinder Design

Lightest Weight

BAC's composite cylinder designs are the lightest weight, highest performance composite pressure vessels available.  We use the latest in composite materials technology along with the highest performance automated manufacturing techniques.  This results in the highest strength per cross-sectional area laminate material properties in combination with long-establish proven analysis techniques. 

1st D.O.T. 5 Year Retest (August 18, 2000)

In addition to the lightest weight vessel design, BAC pioneered the first composite cylinder to receive the 5 year retest (vs. 3 year) from D.O.T.  

1st D.O.T. Extended Life Composite Cylinder Program (August 18, 2000)

BAC also, working with D.O.T., pioneered the "One and Only" extended life composite cylinder program. If you're tired of drilling holes in your current composite cylinders after 15 years and throwing them away and you need extended life cylinders, let us know.



While we do not offer a large variety of "Vanilla" type, off-the-shelf composite high pressure cylinders, we do specialize in working with our customers from a "clean sheet of paper" concept to design the very best, highest performance, lightest weight, pressure vessel to meet your specific requirements.


The BAC K12 cylinder pictured here is one example of a custom composite cylinder specifically designed for the medical oxygen EMS market.

  • 12 cu. ft. of Oxygen
  • Weighs ONLY 2.0 lbs. at 0 psig
  • Diameter: 4.33" (Same as Alum. "D")
  • Height: 11.20" (w/o valve)
  • Service Pressure: 2650 psig
  • Min. Burst Pressure: 9275 psig




Special BAC Design Features

1. The LIGHTEST Weight Cylinder Available!

Up to 60% lighter than lightweight steel or aluminum and 25% lighter than glass fiber wrapped cylinders.

2. The FIRST Composite Cylinder to receive 5-year RETEST per U.S. D.O.T.

3. Impact resistant, high strength Kevlar® fiber

Cutting Edge but Proven Technology! Same material that is used in armored military vehicles, fireman's breathing air cylinders, & bullet-proof vests.

4. UV resistant, maintenance free, scuff coat

No repainting required.



Let us know your specific lightweight composite cylinder program requirements. We would be happy to provide a quotation.