Carbon Fiber Propshafts for Test Machine Applications




For Applications Requiring:


  • NVH Reduction/Elimination
  • High Speed
  • High Torque
  • Highest Reliability


For the smoothest, safest machine operation possible!





Ultimate Torsional Strength 2,125 ft.•lbs.

RPM Capability 16,500

Shaft Weight 2.7 lbs.




 Ultimate Torsional Strength 5,980 ft.•lbs.

RPM Capability 21,500

Shaft Weight 2.53 lbs.



Ultimate Torsional Strength 18,500 ft.•lbs.

RPM Capability 20,000

Shaft Weight 3.3 lbs.

Torsional Stiffness 2.189 x 106 ft.•lbs./RAD




Test Machine Applications Include but Not Limited To:

  • Automotive Brakes
  • Automotive Transmissions
  • Engine Dynomometer
  • Helicopter Rotor Blades


We guarantee that our propshaft/coupling designs are the highest speed, highest torque, lightest weight, and the most reliable for any given application.


Let us know your requirements and we would be happy to provide a quotation.