Carbon Fiber Torque Tubes








Over the years, many sprint and midget drivers’ legs and ankles are injured or broken by metal torque tubes during a crash.  Since the BAC Carbon Fiber Torque Tube only weighs 4.3 lbs, remains straight and in one piece, even after a crash, it increases the safety to the driver’s ankles and legs by containing the driveshaft components with a lightweight, energy-absorbing composite structure. After 2 decades of service, the BAC Carbon Fiber Torque Tube has never failed (broken off or bent) even after the most violent crashes.  This is the ultimate in safety to the drivers' legs.  We have driver testimonials of failed driveshafts and the driver didn't even know it.  The failed driveshaft was completely contained in the energy-absorbing, lightweight, composite structure (torque tube).



Increase driver safety by using

advanced composite technology!











Since the BAC Carbon Fiber Torque Tube is the lightest torque tube ever built @ 4.3 lbs., it reduces critical unsprung weight by at least 2 lbs vs. standard aluminum torque tubes. The unsprung weight includes: the rear end assembly, driveshaft, torque tube, wheels, rims, tires and torsion arms on sprint cars.  The unsprung weight movement of a vehicle due to an imperfect racing surface is inversely proportionate to the unsprung weight.  Less unsprung weight will have more grip when tracking over the imperfect racing surface.  In other words, the tire contact area will be greater over the entire racing surface resulting in faster lap times!









Ultimate Load Deflection results show an ultimate strength of 6,394 lbs vs. 3,540 lbs for standard aluminum torque tubes...approximately 2 times stronger. The increased strength makes it a greater value.  Track experiences confirm that one BAC Carbon Fiber Torque Tube outlasts several aluminum torque tubes. The ultimate high performance torque tube is also 30% stiffer.
















 The price is approximately the same as a titanium driveshaft.  Please call for final pricing and delivery.