Quarter Midget Axles - 222 Carbonator





The BAC 222 Carbonator is a revolution in quarter midget axle design.

It is a custom aerospace-grade aluminum axle with an ultra-high strength carbon fiber composite stiffener fused to the inside.

The composite stiffener is completely encapsulated in the aluminum shell so fellow racers and/or prying eyes will never know.


Reduced Unsprung Weight = Reduced Wheel Hop

The unsprung weight (which includes axles, wheels, rims and tires) movement of a vehicle due to an imperfect racing surface is inversely proportionate to the unsprung weight. Less unsprung weight will have more grip when tracking over the imperfect surface.  Splines and snap rings may be more convenient, but if you want to win, you need to reduce unsprung weight.  Reducing unsprung weight is a huge advantage.


Increased Acceleration!

The 222 Carbonator from BAC is the lightest and strongest axle available. With 3 of our lightweight aluminum collars and 4 aluminum keys included in the assembly package, the 222 Carbonator assembly weighs only 1.77 lbs. The naked axle with out keys and collars weighs only 1.50 lbs. This amazing decrease in rotational mass allows for greater acceleration down the straight-a-ways!



The 222 Carbonator Quarter Midget Axle will fit all

chassis types and all existing pinch-type wheel hubs, brake hubs, etc.

Not Recommended For Use with Floating Hubs.




Greater Value

Although the BAC 222 Carbonator Quarter Midget Axle is initially more expensive than conventional aluminum axles, it will outlast several axles throughout a racing season...saving you money and dramatically reducing maintenance hours replacing bent axles.


Optimized Design Through Structural Analysis

Utilizing aerospace structural analysis techniques, the BAC 222 Carbonator Quarter Midget Axle is an optimized design with no stress risers. (Typical failure location of all other axles is at the snap ring groove adjacent to the bearing.) The superior strength BAC 222 Carbonator Quarter Midget Axle design is the utilization of the highest strength aerospace aluminum alloy available in combination with a composite stiffener and the elimination of all snap ring grooves. This unique BAC 222 Carbonator Quarter Midget Axle design is truly the first and only engineered quarter midget axle which through analysis eliminates weight in low stress areas and increases wall thickness in the highly stressed bearing areas. Each BAC 222 Carbonator Quarter Midget Axle is supplied with 3 lightweight aluminum collars to locate the axle in the chassis. These same BAC locking collars have been running for years with the BAC kart axle on outlaw sprint karts. They have proven to secure the axle in location through the hardest turns and harshest racing conditions. Each BAC 222 Carbonator Quarter Midget Axle assembly also includes 2 sets of aluminum keys (4 thin & 4 thick). The BAC 222 Carbonator Quarter Midget Axle kit fits all chassis types and pinch type hubs.